Galactic Emperor: Hegemony

Current Wait List

Regular Trial
Cloudy  07/03
Mour  11/03
Vazhar  12/12
Zordia  02/15
Leah  06/25
Solidm  07/16
Dreste  07/30
Carla  10/12
Eatwok  04/20
Synch  09/21
Theche  12/16
Dieter  02/02
Talvi  08/11
Ayato  11/30
Squach  12/05
DuckyL  01/16
Wingmu  01/17
Cycy  04/24

Please note that position in the wait list does not totally correlate with gamespots. Wait lists are sometimes mildly rearranged to create better games. If you wish to assure yourself of a game with your friends, you should mail the SpaceMaster to request a private game.